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122465607/4 BLADE BOSS D=22.2mm

122465607/4 BLADE BOSS D=22.2mm

Ref: 122465607/4
122465607/4 BLADE BOSS D=22.2mm is Usually In Stock (BIN N85)

Genuine Original spare part. Fits engines with a crankshaft diameter of 22.2mm. Stiga Mountfield Castel Lawn-King Twincut Blade Boss Hub Holder D=22.2Mm


Mountfield SP474
Mountfield HP460R
Mountfield SP460R
Mountfield SP460ES
Mountfield 462PD
Mountfield 463PDES
Mountfield 460RPD
Mountfield 420HP
Mountfield 422HP
Mountfield 421HP
Mountfield 460HP
Mountfield 461HP
Mountfield 462HP
Mountfield 491R HP

Lawn King NG454TR
Lawn King NG504TR
Lawn King RL484TR

Lawn King R484TR
Lawn King R484TR-E
Lawn King R484TR Roller
Lawn King R484TR-E Roller
Lawn King R484SP
Lawn King RL484TR
Lawn King RL484TR-E
Lawn King R534TR
Lawn King R534TR-E
Lawn King RL534TR
Lawn King RL534TR-E
Lawn King RL534SPH

Castel NG414
Castel NG464
Castel NG464TR
Castel NG464TR-E
Castel NG504TR
Castel NG504TR-
Castel TDL484TR
Castel TDL484TR-
Castel TDL534TRE
Castel TDL534TR-E

Homelite HL454SP

Machines this part fits
Mountfield 421PD
Mountfield 422PD
Mountfield 460PD
Mountfield 460PD-ES
Mountfield 460R-PD-ES
Mountfield 461PD-ES
Mountfield 461R-PD
Mountfield 464PD
Mountfield 464PD-ES
Mountfield 46PD
Mountfield 46PDES
Mountfield 46PDH
Mountfield 46SP
Mountfield 4810PD
Mountfield 4810PD-BW
Mountfield 4810PD-ES
Mountfield 4810R-PD
Mountfield 4810RPD-ES
Mountfield 4820PD
Mountfield 4820PD-BW
Mountfield 4830PD
Mountfield 510PD
Mountfield 510PD-ES
Mountfield 514PD
Mountfield 51PD
Mountfield 51PDES
Mountfield 5310-BW-SILENT
Mountfield 5310PD
Mountfield 5310PD-BW
Mountfield 5310PD-ES
Mountfield 5310PD-INOX
Mountfield 5310PD-SILENT
Mountfield 53204S-INOX
Mountfield 5320PD
Mountfield 5320PD-BW

Stiga Collector 46S
Stiga Collector 53S

Castel / Twincut / Lawnking ES464TR-B
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking EU434TR

Mountfield HL454SP
Mountfield HP184
Mountfield HP474
Mountfield HW511PD
Mountfield HW514PD
Mountfield HWS510PD-2010
Mountfield M411PD
Mountfield 460RPD Petrol Lawnmower
Mountfield 46RPD Petrol Lawnmower
Mountfield SP460R Petrol Lawnmower
Mountfield MULCHING 5020 PD
Mountfield MULTICLIP 501 SP (RM45 OHV)
Mountfield MULTICLIP 501-SP
Mountfield MULTICLIP INOX 504-PD4S
Mountfield Multiclip500PD
Mountfield MULTICLIP501-PD
Mountfield MULTICLIP-INOX-504-PD

Castel / Twincut / Lawnking NTLM534TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking NTLM534TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking PREMIUM5000ASP

Mountfield PWRSP410PRMA
Mountfield QUITE514-PD

Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R484TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R484TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R484TREROLLER
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R484TRROLLER
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R534TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking R534TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RA504TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RL484TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RL484TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RL534TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RL534TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking RLM534TR

Mountfield S420PD
Mountfield S421PD
Mountfield S460PD
Mountfield S461HP
Mountfield S461PD
Mountfield S461PD-ES
Mountfield S461R-PD
Mountfield S461R-PD-ES
Mountfield S464PD
Mountfield S510PD
Mountfield S511PD
Mountfield SP164
Mountfield SP184
Mountfield SP414
Mountfield SP414 (RS100 OHV)
Mountfield SP414 (V35 150cc)
Mountfield SP454
Mountfield SP454 (RM45 140cc OHV)
Mountfield SP454 (V35 150cc)
Mountfield SP460PD
Mountfield SP460SD
Mountfield SP464
Mountfield SP474
Mountfield SP474 (RM45 OHV 140cc)
Mountfield SP484R
Mountfield SP500
Mountfield SP53
Mountfield SP530
Mountfield SP530HW
Mountfield SP533
Mountfield SP533 (RM55 160cc OHV)
Mountfield SP533ES
Mountfield SP534
Mountfield SP534ES
Mountfield SP536
Mountfield SP536 (RM55 160cc OHV)
Mountfield SP536-ES
Mountfield SP536-ES (RM55ES 160cc OHV)

Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TD484TR
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TD484TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TD484TREROLLER
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TD484TRROLLER
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TDAM534TR3S
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking TDLM534TRE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XA52MBS
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XA55MBSE
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XA55MH3
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XS55MBS
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XS55MHS4
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XSPW57MBS
Castel / Twincut / Lawnking XSW55MBS

* Previous part number 122465607/3

Price: 8.28 / 9.27 (Including VAT at 20%)

Spin The 122465607/4 BLADE BOSS D=22.2mm 122465607/4

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